This game tells tale of a knight, who decided to go on an  adventure to save his princess. Little that he knows, the way to princess is blocked by many challenging foes and puzzles. He also finds a potion called "Va Banque", but he's unsure whether it would be a good idea to drink a mixture of unknown effect.


  • ARROW KEYS - movement, jumping and aiming
  • Z - attack


  • WASD - movement
  • SPACE - jumping
  • Left Mouse Button (LMB) - attack

This game was created for Bialjam 2019.

Available for download for Windows.

PS: Please don't press "QUIT" button in menu in browser, if you do just reload the page.

Install instructions

If you decide to download the Windows version, you just need to unpack the zip and run "hero time.exe".


Download for Windows 22 bytes

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